Saturday, October 30, 2010


Thank you to Coach Garth and the Jefferson Team for allowing me to be a part of the squad this past year. It was great riding with the athletes and watching you all grow and learn. At this time I will no longer be continuing with the team.

At first I planned on being a ride leader but honestly, I just don't have the free time. I wish I did but with the addition to the family (along with the health issues) as well as pursuing other goals in life there just are not enough hours in the day.

Change is inevitable. Opinions, ideas, and training all change. The team that surrounds you should be adaptive, positive, and supportive to help you grow as an athlete and a student. Those associated with the Jefferson Team know this to be true.

For those of you continuing on and those that are new to Jefferson I wish you well and success on and off the bike.

Also an upcoming Congratulations to Coach Nate and his wife Cynthia on their upcoming addition to their family. You two will make great parents.

Coach Steve

Thanks for the ride